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Don't let this little gal fool ya! When Debra sings she owns the stage! She has all the fire power you could ever imagine and then some! Growing up on Patsy Cline, Linda Rondstat, Heart and Journey. Debra has a vocal range that will amaze you!


She is a professional singer;  working a span of 28 years. She was Tarpon Springs, Florida's best kept secret until she started performing at the Historic Pappas's over 15 years ago. People flock to hear her amazing talent.


Debra has fronted some great bands in her time. One in particular was REDLINE. A Hard Rock act with fellow guitarist Jimmy Hinton. The chemistry between the the two was undeniable, so after a few years working with other bands, they realized the potential of what they could accomplish together, a band that covered all genre's. Hence SPF40.


She currently performs at the Disney Parks and Resorts, Downtown Disney, Sea World, Universal Studios and Resorts and perfomed in some of the hottest venues in town. Also working with HITS 106 FM Radio in Hudson, Fl. 

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